Southwest Mechanical provides the following services.  Please call for more information.

Commercial HVAC

  • Certified Commercial Repair Service
  • HVAC Equipment, Replacement & Retrofit Services
  • Commercial HVAC Ductwork
  • Energy Efficient HVAC Management and Solutions
  • Contract Maintenance & Service Agreements

Air & Water Balancing

  • Maximized Systems Efficiencies with Minimized Operating Costs
  • Design Specifications are Met
  • Elimination of Possible Design or Construction Deficiencies
  • Troubleshooting and Repair of Problem Areas

Industrial HVAC – Manufacturing Applications

  • Turn-Key Design Build Projects
  • Performance Contracting
  • Full Engineering Support
  • Dedicated Project Managers Accountable for Exceeding Customer Expectations

Cooling Tower Refurbishment

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Reduced Water Consumption
  • Enhanced Thermal Efficiency
  • Original Brand Components or Custom Fabrication
  • On-Site Dismantling and Disposal

Turbo Core / Magnetic Bearing Compressor Retrofits

  • Quiet operation
  • Light weight allowing for faster installation
  • Low startup draw of approximately 2 amps, reducing capacity/peak power requirements
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • 30-40% Typical Energy Savings
  • Utility Rebates
  • Zero acid contamination of other components

Chiller Water Systems & Solutions

  • Inspection
  • Rebuild
  • Replacement
  • Retro-Fitting
  • Heat Exchanger Re-tubing
  • Microprocessor Upgrades
  • High Efficiency Refrigerated Purge Systems
  • Eddy Current non-destructive testing
  • Low-loss Rupture Disk Upgrades
  • Laser Alignment Services
  • Modernization, including modification of existing equipment

Cascade Refrigeration

  • Thermal Stream Temperature Forcing Units
  • Glycol Lab Chillers
  • Process Chillers
  • Ice Banks

Bearing & Vibration Analysis | Shock Pulse Method

  • Analyze anti-friction bearing condition to discern the severity of bearing damage
  • Detect installation faults such as soft foot
  • Measure lubrication film thickness
  • Assist in detecting when failure may occur
  • Utilize for continuous (real time) machinery condition monitoring



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